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Lets Fix Your Pre Workout!

July 15, 2021 1 min read

Lets Fix Your Pre Workout!

As we all know many pre workouts these days are just filled with fluff, false marketing promises and an unnecessary amounts of stimulants.

You know the same old story, a new pre workout comes out, its formula hits hard every time then a reformulation occurs and it's never the same!

Which unfortunately over time has changed the way the end consumer looks at pre workout supplementation. Pre workouts are not only for energy but SHOULD BE formulated so actual muscle growth can occur!

At FORGE , we don’t compromise with quality and continue to make products better through the advancements of science!

Take ASTRO for example, since day 1 we formulated with one thing in mind, to have the end user (YOU) have the best workouts of your life, and have you coming back wanting more!

ASTRO not only provides amplified energy but it gives your body the ingredients it NEEDS to perform and recover! We SLAMMED each and every scoop to the MAX with nootropics and NO2 ingredients.

Expect laser like focus, unmatched blood flow, increase pain and swelling muscle pumps….with not 1 but THREE premier ingredients 

L-Citrulline: 5,000mg
Key Amino Acid For Muscle Fullness & Max Blood Flow 


Betaine Anhydrous - 2,500mg
Improves Hydration, Stimulates Muscle Pumps, Improves power, & Supports Protein Synthesis


Beta Alanine - 2,000mg
Breaks Down Lactic Acid Build Up So You Can Train Longer & Harder


These 3 work synergistically to help with endurance, overall pump & vascularity. ASTRO will take your workouts to the next level regardless if you’re just starting out or a competitive athlete.