Can You Enhance Your Brain Function & Unlock your Mind?

April 07, 2020

Can You Enhance Your Brain Function & Unlock your Mind?

| Unchain Potential with Proven Ingredients |

It’s time you say goodbye to the days of endless coffee, sugar filled energy drinks, & harmful stimulants to get you through your day...⁣ Replace this with the cleanest brain vitamins on the market.

Specifically designed with you in mind, feed your focus with the first class branded ingredients in VIVID. All clinically dosed at the correct ratios to synergistically work together & unlock your brains greatest potential.

This formula contains 150 mg of Rhodiola Root Extract which is an all natty adaptogen. In short, it helps you keep a clean focus and stay cool, calm and collective during the most stressful parts of your day. 

Another important ingredient to note is 100 mg of Ginkgo Biloba whose origins date back to Ancient China. This ingredient provides you with long term brain benefits as it contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids. These antioxidants provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals, protecting your brain from deterioration. Ginkgo is proven to improve thinking & memory, as well as reducing anxiety.

This is what every early riser, all nighter, and all day grinder has been searching for their entire life, a complete science backed supplement proven to boost mental clarity, concentration, attention, focus and alleviate anxiety!


Feel the benefits of our nootropic Brain & Stress support for yourself! With just one serving you will be amazed with the euphoric feeling of clean energy & focus throughout your day. 

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