4 Things You Wish You Knew About Growing Your Glutes!

May 12, 2020

4 Things You Wish You Knew About Growing Your Glutes!

Countless Instagram videos, millions of online coaches and tutorials on how to shape up your butt like a magazine cover. Just to make it clear - those are all great factors to look into! However, there are a few essential things we felt the need to share with you that will make all the difference in your booty-shaping journey!

Not sure who needs to hear this, but you simply cannot do just a few minutes of some random exercise whenever you’re in the mood, or knock out a quick 100 squats and call it a day. Regardless of the body part you’re looking to seriously transform, you would need about 3 exercises targeting that muscle group keeping the reps around 12-15 Reps per Set!


This is a common one. Lots of us come to the gym with the “heavier = bigger” mentality which isn’t the case! Using a challenging weight which allows you to maintain the  proper form and even using body weight for some exercises is more than enough!


Finishing your workout faster doesn’t mean you’ve worked harder. In fact - most times it means the opposite, as we get the tendency to get sloppy when rushing through the sets! Control each movement and focus on the burn of the muscle you’re targeting! That’s the only way to truly build that “Mind-Muscle Connection”!


Proper blood flow & muscle contraction is what determines the effectiveness of your every workout and is most crucial when it comes to building a booty! It’s simple - if your butt isn’t getting enough blood & oxygen during the workout, whatever you’re doing is pretty much pointless, if not damaging! To avoid making this mistake, check out CALIBRATE 51!


    This is the key that essentially ties it all together!  When you perform slow & controlled movements, your glutes work harder building more endurance & strength. This is the best way to make every rep count without compromising your form!

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