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10 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox ASAP

December 30, 2021 1 min read

10 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox ASAP

Every day our body has to fight bacteria, chemicals, smoke, toxins, pesticides and pollutants present around us. These chemicals and toxins affect our health and well-being. Frequent indigestion and fatigue are some of the symptoms you should not pass off as a normal part of life. These are the signs and symptoms that your body is filled with toxins, chemicals and pollutants.

  1. Trouble Losing Weight
  2. Constantly Fatigued
  3. Constipation and Sore Gut
  4. Headaches
  5. Bloating
  6. Skin Rashes or Blemishes
  7. Trouble Sleeping
  8. Difficulty Concentrating
  9. White or Yellow Tongue
  10. Puffy Eyes

Its Time to Cleanse & Refresh

Look, we all have toxins in our body regardless of how healthy you are. Wether its your high gluten diet that sticks like clay to all of your organs or maybe you have to many mimosas during brunch. Either way you NEED to be actively fighting against these nasty little toxins piling up in your body.

Now FILTR is not a cheat pill, it’s not going to prevent you from damaging your body. HOWEVER it will drastically enhance your bodies ability to push out those toxins.

From your very first dose of FILTR you will immediately notice the difference in your sleep quality, enhanced mood and WAY less bloat and overall inflammation.

You can combine FILTR with all of our products and other supplements / vitamins you’re currently taking.

How to take for best results:

Take 1 - 2 pills each night, 15-30 minutes before bed.

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