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Feel Like You're More Sore Than Usual?

November 08, 2021 2 min read

Feel Like You're More Sore Than Usual?

For some, feeling sore the day or two after the workout is an indicator of a good workout but the reality is - if you constantly keep getting sore, you might want to check your routine and what you do!

Here is a couple of different reasons why some people get more sore than others and a few solutions to ease & speed up the recovery process:


1. You’re not getting enough protein - this makes all the difference. Increasing your Protein intake helps tremendously with muscle recovery and reduces lactic acid in muscles. Consuming enough protein throughout the day and making sure that you intake clean and high-quality protein shortly after your workout should be your goal if you’re looking to improve your recovery and maximize the efforts made in the gym!


2. You don’t Stretch / Warm Up - and by doing so, not only are you limiting the muscle movement but also increasing chances of pulling a muscle or getting injured. You see soccer players, football players and professional fighters warm up before their training or a big show - don’t you think you should dedicate a little more time to stretching the muscle groups you’re about to workout?


3. Better Quality Sleep - and it’s not always on you. Some people have trouble sleeping and that could be related to stimulating your nervous system through the day or in the evening. Many people don’t realize this but training at night also spikes up your cortisol levels which results in insomnia and reduced REM sleep. This is when products like FILTR can truly make a difference by helping you cleanse your system overnight, improve sleep quality and provide a fresher feeling in the morning - something everybody needs!