The Missing Link

Being unable to concentrate affects most people, but making our days longer & more tiring. It has been our goal to help with that issue.

Thats when  VIVID was birthed...Extreme Mind clarity is just one of the benefits of VIVID. Expect an uplifted mood & an ability to dial in and focus like you never have before!

This product has become a staple in our office. Regardless of fitness or lifestyle background, VIVID can help you through your day.

The Overview Effect

A Term we use here at FORGE Supps when your VIVID kicks in 👌

This supplement stands ALONE in the supplement industry. You simply can not find a formula that is more effective for mental focus and energy.

A League of It’s Own.

Fat burners tend to get a bad wrap in the supplement industry due to ineffective & under-dosed ingredients with unnecessary fillers.

Solar 2.0 proves otherwise. Our 100% natural, vegan friendly fat burner is properly dosed with carefully crafted formulas to provide you with real fat vanishing results!


What Makes VIVID Different?

We are the only supplement company using complexity systems to approach formulation. Meaning we consider the entire Brain &  Body when developing our formulas. This results in a Nootropic that supports cognition and health for the entire Brain & Body.

What to Expect When you Take VIVID:

- End Procrastination

- Respond Well to Difficult Situations

- Less Internal Drama

- Improved Energy & Focus