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Quit wasting your money on Pre Workouts that fill your body with only stimulants. ASTRO is packed full of clinically proven ingredients and nutrients for your body to not just have amazing energy BUT also get results!

why you need to add this into your Summer arsenal

We hide NOTHING when it comes to our formulas, you’ll notice most supplement brands these days have something called “proprietary blends” which is basically a mix of ingredients without listing exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product. I know what you’re saying..”Wtf?” and we agree! You should know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Now let’s list why our product is superior to our competitors.


ASTRO isn’t like other Pre Workouts you’ve had....No Fillers, No Color Dyes, No Bullshit. This no nonsense formula will have you focused like MJ in Game 7 🔥

How Does It Work?


Unlike other popular Pre Workouts we REFUSE to fill ours with muscle atrophying stimulants that prevent the entire purpose of taking a pre workout. ASTRO not only provides insane energy but it gives your body the ingredients it NEEDs to perform and recover!


ASTRO impacts liver function, healthy brain development, muscle movement, your nervous system and metabolism. Using Choline with adequate amounts are used for optimal health 


Expect unmatched blood flow paired with not one but THREE of the premier ingredients available to help with endurance, overall pump & vascularity. ASTRO will take your workouts to the next level regardless of your experience!

1️⃣ This is NOT a high stimulant based product, don’t get us wrong when you take a scoop of ASTRO you’re going to have INSANE energy & focus like you’re blasting off into space. However we did not add in stimulants that restrict your blood flow which is sooo common in most Pre Workouts these days. That is the OPPOSITE of what you want when exercising.

2️⃣ ASTRO contains Ingredients that are PROVEN to work and be effective. We didn’t add fairy dust to this stuff, we simply got the clinical dose of the ingredients that have been proven through research & science to WORK!

3️⃣ ZERO Fillers & ZERO Color Dyes... This right here can’t be preached enough. Why would you want to take a product that contains ingredients you simply do not need and can potentially cause you harm over an extended period of time. So for obvious reasons our products contain ZERO Fillers & ZERO Color Dyes.

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