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Vegan Paramount Stack - 3.0

Leave nothing to chance while unlocking your true health and fitness capabilities with The Paramount Stack.†

  • Strong Energy & Focus
  • Maximum Muscle Nutrients
  • Improved Recovery
  • Pre & Post Workout
  • Lean Meal Replacement
  • Delicious & Easy to Take
  • Cleanse & Detoxify The Body
  • Improved Pumps & Strength

No Fillers | No Junk

Stack Includes:

VEGAFUEL | Non-GMO Pure Vegan Protein
ASTRO STORM | Pre-Workout
CALIBRATE2 | Nootropic Pump
FILTR | Daily Cleanse


This includes our powerful pre-workout, ASTRO. Engineered to improve muscle performance & create intense energy in your workouts without the jitters. Paired with our cutting-edge, hydrating non stim pump formula CALIBRATE-51. Designed to give exceptional pumps & flood your muscles with nutrients while providing some of the strongest nootropics available to help give you that tunnel like focus.†

FILTR includes all the essentials to help your liver & other organs optimally detoxify. Treat any current problems in your system, prevent any illnesses in the future, and/or guarantee better well-being in general.†

We know that recovery is key when it comes to making sustainable progress. The third leg to this supreme stack is IZOFUEL. Formulated with ultra-fast digesting complete Whey Isolate protein so you can get maximum absorption. This protein is an ideal lean meal replacement or that perfect post workout recovery shake.†

These four synergistically work together to rapidly increase your overall performance and recovery in the gym while ultimately helping you reach your fitness goals.†