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ORBIT - For Her

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ORBIT for Her | Total Health Formula

This Formula is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Scientifically engineered to support the normal balance and function of an Adult Females body. 

Ladies let’s face it, you all pretty much run the universe. Thats why its important we help you all stay very very healthy!†

Health is Key

  • Healthy Aging & Hormonal Balance
  • Iron & Energy Support
  • Joint & Inflammation
  • Enhanced Immune System Complex
  • Heart Health & Blood Flow
  • Liver & Kidney Support
  • Support Gut Health

Astragalus 1500mg - It has many purported health benefits, including immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Astragalus is believed to prolong life and used to treat a wide variety of ailments, such as fatigue, allergies and the common cold. It's also used against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Vitamin C 500mg - An ESSENTIAL Vitamin for humans. It is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

NAC 500mg -  Helps With Detoxification to Prevent or Diminish Kidney and Liver Damage. NAC can relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions by acting as an antioxidant and expectorant, loosening mucus in your air passageways. As an antioxidant, NAC helps replenish glutathione levels in your lungs and reduces inflammation in your bronchial tubes and lung tissue.

Arjuna Bark Extract 300mg - Is used for a variety of beneficial qualities but one of its main one is its effects on reducing blood pressure. Arjuna helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. It strengthens and tones the heart muscles and helps in proper functioning of the heart.

Sensoril 125mg - Sensoril has been shown to relieve stress and boosts the antioxidant levels in the body to increase immunity. The extract also boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to aid cholesterol levels, treat erectile dysfunction, increase fertility, lower anxiety, support healthy energy levels, and support mental cognition.

Gingko Biloba 100mg - Ginkgo’s health benefits are thought to come from its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may also increase blood flow and play a role in how neurotransmitters in the brain operate.

Iron 15mg - Iron supplements have been shown to promote healthy pregnancy, increased energy, and better athletic performance. Iron is a mineral that helps the body make red blood cells. Without enough iron, the body can't produce the number of red blood cells it needs. This condition, called iron deficiency anemia, is a concern because red blood cells carry oxygen to the body's tissues.

Take 3 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before bed.

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