Increase Blood Flow | Better Health, Less Fat & More Muscle

June 05, 2020

Increase Blood Flow | Better Health, Less Fat & More Muscle

Want to Burn Fat & Build Muscle?

Of course you do! So you need some Blood Flow!

Nearly every person at the gym is there for one of these two reasons: they wish to lose weight or put on muscle. There’s a number of things you have to be mindful of if you want to succeed in either or of those goals. However, Blood Flow is the one thing that never changes during your training and it is vital for many reasons!

Why is Blood Flow Important for Building Muscle & Burning Fat?

As you begin to exercise, your blood from organs gets diverted, creating a massive increase in blood flow to the muscle groups that are being engaged. During the exercise, our bodies need large amounts of amino acids, oxygen and ATP, to allow your muscles contract and perform the work properly, expanding the vessels which is what we call the Pump. The circulation of the nutrients & vitamins allows your body use waste materials such as lactic acid (which is what makes you sore) for performance, resulting in better recovery.

How Do I Increase Blood Flow? 

Well, aside from natural foods and exercising, there is a number of essential aminos such as L-Citrulline & Taurine, that will improve your blood circulation & help you achieve skin-splitting pumps! If you’d like to see what a complete formula for hydration & Vasodilation look like, click HERE.

  1. 1 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
  2. Natural Pump Supplements that WORK
  3. 3 Hold The Squeeze
  4. 4 Add Superset Training
  5. Try Beet Root & Aminos
  6. 5 Dropset For Extreme Pumps
  7. 7 Shorten Your Rest Periods
  8. 8 Slow Down Your Tempo

What are The Health Benefits of Better Blood Flow?

You'll maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing your lungs, heart and muscles to function properly and efficiently. You'll fight off and avoid potential diseases and sicknesses. With good circulation, the white blood cells in your immune system will be transported around the body as needed.

Vasodilation is an important aspect of inflammation. It increases blood flow to the area and also increases the permeability, or leakiness, of the blood vessel walls. Both of these factors help immune cells to more effectively reach the affected area.

CALIBRATE 51 combines some of the strongest most effective Blood Flow & Pump ingredients with top shelf Nootropic vitamins. You can either combine this with your pre workout, fat burner, coffee or simply take it by itself. Either way you will be guaranteed to crush your workout with insane focus and blood flow!

What to Expect When you Take CALIBRATE 51

  • Skin Splitting Pumps
  • INSANE Focus & Drive
  • Hydration & Complete Recovery

What is The Best Way to Take CALIBRATE 51?

If you’re someone who does not like stimulants this is an IDEAL product to take as a pre workout. However if you are a lover of high caffeine products, CALIBRATE 51 is the perfect pair.

It will only enhance whatever you combine it with. Creating ridiculously good blood flow & mental focus! The Yin to you Yang.