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Feeling Tired all the Time? | Not with This…

February 09, 2020 1 min read

Feeling Tired all the Time? | Not with This…

It is actually extremely common to be feeling tired on a regular basis! A hefty number of teens & adults report constant sleepiness or feeling fatigued. Fatigue is a common symptom of several conditions and serious diseases, but in most cases it is caused by simple lifestyle factors.

Some people believe they can survive with 2 hours of sleep a night (You can’t). Quite often it’s skipping or not having time for your morning coffee, which has become a morning tradition for many people, and we all know 1 or 2 people who we don’t dare to talk to until they receive their dose of caffeine. Which we just made easier with VIVID!

Get whole 250mg of Caffeine (we use the same caffeine that’s in coffee) in just one serving, putting yourself ahead of your day. But this is NOT the best part, because once you feel the benefits of our nootropic Brain & Stress support, you will be amazed with the euphoric feeling of clean energy & focus throughout the day!

Who should take VIVID?

  • Student looking to crush study time / class
  • Adderall Abusers looking for clean alternative
  • Coffee Lovers to minimize tooth staining
  • Anyone working doubles / long shifts

What Should You Expect When With VIVID?

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Stress Management

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