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Cinnamon Protein Balls

July 27, 2021 1 min read

Cinnamon Protein Balls

Protein bites are highly enjoyable by pretty much everyone! As you can probably guess, we’re huge fans as well and as soon as we came up with this recipe, we just knew we had to share it with you all! This isn’t just a healthy substitute to satisfy your cravings, it’s actually DELICIOUS and super easy to make!


- Mix all the oats, IZOFUEL and cinnamon together in the large bowl.
- Add the wet ingredients (Peanut Butter, water & vanilla extract) and stir them all up.
- Using a regular spoon, scoop out enough to form a ball (about 1 inch each).
- You could throw them in the fridge for about 1 hour or Freezer for about 30-45 minutes (It’s optional).
- Have your mom & boyfriend try them and watch them ask for more!